It was once in science fiction that you would find driverless cars, but not anymore. Technology has progressed at warp speed to enable concepts like driverless cars and it has already materialised. Companies like Tesla, Volvo and General Motors have brought about disruptive automobile trends that have changed the industry for good. The self-driving car industry is estimated to reach $60 billion by 2030.

As convenient as this technology sounds, there is more to it than meets the eye. It has immense benefits which trump conventional automobiles. This article discusses some of the benefits that come with driverless cars. Read on to find out.

1. Better Road Safety

It is undeniable that a majority of the accidents that happen on the road happen due to human error. A study by the US Department of Transportation shows that 94% of accidents are due to human error.

Although the technology of driverless cars is still developing, the scope of these cars reduces the chances of accidents by 70%.

Unlike humans, driverless cars do not have the risk of falling asleep, being distracted, bored or driving under the influence of substances. It can also make quicker and more efficient decisions than humans.

2. Reduced Pollution

Autonomous vehicles have a higher capacity for being emission-free or less polluting. They are, by default, more efficient than human-driven cars. By opting for optimum fuel consumption and minimum distance, it can reduce exhaust. Studies by Ohio University show that autonomous vehicles reduce emissions by 60%

    3. Increased Parking Space

    Autonomous cars stand to decrease the parking problem cities face. Efficient driving and parking in itself free up space that human drivers waste due to improper parking. Autonomous cars could also change the way we see taxi services and car-sharing. With a lesser number of cars on the road, and no cars idling in parking spaces, it naturally frees up the much-needed space.

    4. Increased Traffic Efficiency

    Traffic jams are the biggest problems cities face. Stop-and-go traffic and phantom traffic jams, along with the booming number of vehicles on the road are the biggest reasons for traffic jams. However, a study conducted in Berkeley shows that with autonomous cars, stop-and-go traffic was eliminated and gas usage was reduced to 42%.

    A study conducted in Berkeley shows that with autonomous cars, stop-and-go traffic was eliminated and gas usage was reduced to 42%

    5. More Accessible and Affordable Transportation

    Self-driving cars can change the automobile industry by making them significantly more affordable. With driverless cars being more fuel-efficient, fuel consumption and carbon footprint go down. With more futuristic cars like electric cars hitting the roads, full and partial autonomy in vehicles become a more affordable option.

    Final Thoughts

    The world is moving fast with a plethora of technologies bringing unprecedented changes. The way we perceive transport and human relationships to vehicles are changing too. Riding on the wake are the various benefits that leave the world a safer place. These benefits are reason enough to adopt driverless cars. As we gear up to create a greener and safer world, let us do our bit by embracing the technology that enables it.

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