Win Over the Challenges in Your Catering Business

Businesses in several industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc., need to have a robust procurement process to deal with challenges like market competition, increasing prices, etc. This can assist them in reducing errors and maximizing daily output, thereby ensuring overall efficiency. But with the cost of procurement services increasing rapidly, businesses often face issues in providing consistent services to their customers. To combat this, many companies are turning to smarter and more efficient services like e-procurement.

The Best Remedy for Your Catering Management Headaches

Caterers and food businesses face many challenges in their day-to-day operations — from constantly delighting customers with top-notch services to dealing with the rising procurement costs to complying with safety standards to ensuring profitability. Are you wondering how to run your business efficiently, adapt to modern technology, and keep technology bottlenecks and complexities at bay? Silwana catering management software is the answer you’re looking for!

Run Your Catering Business More Efficiently With Silwana Catering Management Software

Silwana Infotech is the top e-procurement software development company catering to businesses based in the UAE and beyond. Our efficient team has empowered businesses with innovative and highly successful e-procurement software solutions for the last 20 years. With our powerful software, you can easily automate all routine business tasks to save considerable time at a reduced cost.

Whether you are a big established business or a new startup, we offer customised solutions as per your needs. Our team is highly skilled in designing robust, flexible, and scalable software to simplify all your daily business functions. From reducing paperwork to identifying the best vendors, managing costs, reducing error rates, tracking performance, and more – our all-encompassing e-procurement software makes managing all your tasks easier.

With Silwana catering management software, you can:
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    Custom-built e-procurement solutions

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    Vendor and contact management

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    Single-window management of all payment categories

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    Secure data sharing for easier collaboration

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    Easy to implement, modify, and manage

Want to know how Silwana catering management software can benefit your business?

Main Features of Silwana Catering Management Software

Our catering management system is tailored to meet the needs of caterers and restaurants. It saves time and costs while making it easier to serve customers and overcome operational challenges in a food business. With our software, you can ease your operational burdens to have more time for catering and making more profits!

This module will help you with:

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    Management of customer enquiries

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    Complete order booking

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    Maintenance of customer data

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    Selection of menu packages, costs, portions, etc.

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    Final cost calculation for orders delivered

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    Sales reports

This module of our catering management software includes:

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    End-to-end purchase planning

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    Raw material procurement

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    Management of utensils and equipment purchases and repairs

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    Supplier management

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    Reports and analytics

This module allows you to manage:

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    Custom inventory item structure

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    Location-wise inventory handling

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    Stocktaking and transfers

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    Inventory surplus and shortages

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    Inventory reports and analytics

This module includes features for:

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    Management of material consumption

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    Recipe management

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    Delivery or trip management

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    Management of standard costing

This module of our catering management software enables you to:

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    Manage accounting

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    Perform monthly, quarterly, and annual budgeting

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    Plan payments for better financial control.

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    Manage multiple currencies for each transaction

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    Manage credit and debit note

Learn more about the features included in our catering management software.

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Why Choose Silwana Catering Management Software?

At Silwana Infotech, we have spent more than two decades developing winning IT solutions for every industry. Our catering management software is the product of our experience in working with hundreds of food businesses across Dubai and UAE. With our system in place, we ensure you greater gains and more peace of mind in running your business with confidence and efficiency.

Want to know more reasons to bring a leading catering software like ours into your business? Check out the statistics below.

Growing industry

The global catering software market is estimated to hit around US$ 500 million in revenue by 2026. This shows the increased adoption of catering software by food businesses. If your business is not one of them, you could be missing out on opportunities.

Inventory cost savings

Minimizing overstocks and stock-outs can bring a 10% reduction in your overall inventory costs. With our catering management software, you can enjoy these extra gains from better stock management and inventory insight, which helps cut down waste and increases revenue.

Power of automation

77% of businesses benefit from increased conversion and greater efficiency after switching to automated, paperless processes. Catering management software allows you to leverage automation that saves you time and money across business operations.

Integration with legacy systems

Nearly 68% of companies that work with a catering ERP system prefer to do so along with their legacy systems. Benefit from enhanced interoperability between our catering management software and your existing systems for seamless operations .

Prepared to Transform Your Business With the Powerful Features of a Top Catering Management Software? Team Silwana is Here to Help!


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