Gain Unified Access and Control of Business Information

Your business thrives on data-laden documents across various processes. Paperwork flows in from multiple directions, and keeping track of it all can be a huge challenge if done manually. The ability to access and retrieve information quickly when needed is critical. But you cannot rely on manual processes to achieve reliable document management that can keep up with the urgency of customer needs and business continuity planning. The answer lies in automation.

Automate Your Document Management With Silwana

Silwana Infotech is your partner of choice when it comes to complete and foolproof management of all your electronic as well as paper-based documents such as bills, invoices, contracts, vouchers, records, and more. Our trusted document management software in UAE is built with exceptional features that allow you to integrate all your existing data and systems and implement a smooth document control process directly into your projects. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small team or a multi-department organization — our document management system is customizable for businesses of all types and sizes.

Choose Our Feature-Packed Document Management System for Your Business

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful document management system, your search ends with Silwana document management software (DMS). It offers seamless integration and absolute ease of use, thanks to its intuitive interface. Be it electronic documents dispersed across various systems or data stored on your business servers or on the cloud, our software is the perfect solution.

Silwana DMS Benefits:
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    Reduce costly errors

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    Improve operational efficiency

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    Enjoy uninterrupted access

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    Drive productivity and performance

Ready to Bring the Benefits of a Powerful Document Management Software Into Your Business?

Star Features of Silwana Document Management Software

Our document management system is a fully customizable, flexible, and scalable solution that helps in secure storage, easy retrieval, access, and archival of all your documents. You can benefit from its amazing array of features that offers hassle-free maintenance of documents, department-wise and document type-wise, with multiple access rights, and more.

Manage reference code, employee code, their data, and important project allocation through automated employee management software. You can also provide certain rights and privileges on certain CRM sections.

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    Simplify HR processes with effortless document management

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    Support productivity, security, and compliance across employee management functions

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    Secure file and control access to sensitive information

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    Keep your records up to date

For any organization, it is important to streamline the flow and details of any project and employee records. With the help of Silwana DMS, it is possible to manage workflow 24X7 from anywhere.

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    Automation of repetitive processes and functions

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    Follow up on the incomplete tasks

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    Detailed performance analysis

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    Real-time workflow status

When you have important documents to be stored securely, you need scan and storage management that is reliable. Our customized software can help you maintain the flow of documents and information. The information can then be distributed securely with special rights, controls, and privileges.

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    Eliminate the storage costs for physical copies

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    More security layers for digital copies

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    Easy file recovery in case of disaster

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    Conduct in-house document scan in case of sensitive information

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    Quick information and instant search

When stored securely, when documents are distributed with special access to particular stakeholders, it is important to track their progress. The document tracking module can help you ensure that the information stored and shared in documents remains intact without any alteration.

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    Consolidated data and document management.

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    Total control of the document version

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    Automated document verification

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    Changing the workflows, forms, and data real-time

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    Easy deployment on cloud or organization premises

Ready to Bring the Benefits of a Powerful Document Management Software Into Your Business?

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Why Choose Silwana Document Management Software?

Silwana DMS is an all-in-one document management software that’s being successfully and satisfactorily implemented by businesses across the UAE and beyond. We pride ourselves on our experience of over two decades in understanding and catering to the needs of our clients. Our rigorous approach, strong development expertise, and commitment to delivering nothing but the best are some of our strengths that translate into big business benefits for our clients.

Need more reasons for deploying a leading DMS like ours? Check out the statistics below.

Achieve productivity gains

Introducing a DMS can help you overcome document maintenance-related challenges, which account for over 20% of productivity loss.

Reduce loss of information

7.5% of all hard-copy records and paper documents are prone to getting misplaced. A document management software can cut down the instances of data loss and missing paperwork, which can cripple your business.

Improve remote access

Access to information 24/7 is a critical business need in today's business environment. 77% of business owners would want to easily access their business documents remotely. A DMS addresses this need.

Save time

More than 80% of workers waste time due to document versioning issues every day. With document management software, you can save time and minimize these productivity roadblocks.

Ready to Bring the Benefits of a Powerful Document Management Software Into Your Business?


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