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Consistence accuracy of data across organization.

Improve collaboration and Productivity.


Industry Challenges

The challenges of cost reduction and controlling manufacturing plants at various locations, globally. The companies have started facing challenges in various business areas given below.

  • Resource planning, management & operational control between diverse departments / sections / offices / locations
  • Seamless Integration of financial, customer, manufacturing, inventory, HR Information, Stock and Inventory Management

Experience & Solutions

We offer comprehensive and robust Manufacturing Software Development solutions that deliver the finest of client experience, business efficacy, connected involvement, unconventional analytics and smart enterprise.


  • Minimal Downtime, Maximum Productivity, and Analytical Reporting
  • Cost Reduction and Rapid market reach
  • Increased Agility, Flexibility and enhanced customer satisfaction


Automating & connecting mobile field sales force with corporate back office & guaranteeing real-time & complete flow of information between both entities. Custom CRM development for manufacturing highlighting merger of features under each important area – Sales, Service, Marketing & Satisfaction.

  • Client management, Campaign Management, Dealers/distributors management
  • Order management with status tracking, Gifts, and Promotion management
  • Credit Balance, Transaction History, Signed Transactions, Spot Billing
  • Lead / Opportunity tracking, Route Planning, Feedback & Survey

Warehouse Management

A Warehouse Management solution ensures online updating of the information, automated and hassle-free cargo handling processes with real-time access of the back-office system.

  • Updating location of the cargo, Receiving cargo into the warehouse
  • Cargo management, Warehouse & Inventory management
  • Info regarding loading cargo and Lot information

Vehicle Tracking System

Fleet owners for a variety of vehicles can do everyday activities of monitoring, configuring and tracking of those vehicles, keeping a demanding eye on them. The mobile device sends vehicle information data, through GPRS connectivity & GSM based SIM signals to the backend server.

  • Route Deviation, Overspeed and SOS Alarm
  • History Report Station wise and Fleet Summary
  • Halt/Battery Report and Geo-Fencing In/Out