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Media And Entertainment

Media And Entertainment

Industry Challenges

With the advent of cutting edge technologies and the availability of mobile devices, content production, transportation,  management, and distribution has been revolutionized. With the availability of rich and personalized content, there has been a remarkable change in the way content is consumed.
The global Entertainment & Media industry has been going through a digital rising. The rapid growth in digital content comes along with a set of challenges, like:

  • Clients find very less time to upgrade established IT Platforms & Systems and to marketing it
  • The ongoing increase in Consumers’ Expectations
  • Needs to innovate and strengthen the Content Distribution Channels

We offer Custom Software Development Services to Media & Entertainment Industry that reduces the above challenges by:

  • Upgrade to the latest technologies
  • Seamless integration of the media planning process
  • Monitoring consumer journey and behavior
  • Explore new revenue streams
  • Timely delivery of content across multiple distribution channels at a very reasonable cost

Experience & Solutions

With the team of subject matter experts, experienced developers, and industry exposure, for the Media & Entertainment industry, we have developed customized software solutions that facilitate cutting edge tools and platform to propel their business growth.

Below is the brief of some of our projects developed for the Media & Entertainment industry:

  • Website for creative people with a wide range of customized features and widgets, etc.
  • A fully customized portal for Travelers with features like travel planer, chat application, multilingual support, and social networking features, etc.
  • A digital Signage platform that brings web-based content management system, content scheduling and monitoring across various LED indoor and outdoor screens
  • Application for designers that provides virtual art designing tool to end users/customers where they can create, customize and order creative designs from online stores without stepping into client’s shop