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ChatBot Solution

Automate work efficiency.

Capturing and converting leads into business.

Project Info

Chat Manual & ChatBot

Cross Platform flexibility

Provide text, audio and video chat.
Integration with WhatsApp and social media chats.
Flexibility of when and what to show the chat window, what to show on it and customise messages as per your customer journey.
Chat and video call works across platforms, Video chat can be launched from browser to mobile and vice-versa. Interestingly, customers can use the front or rear camera of mobile as required during a video call

Skip the queue

Give your priority clients an opportunity to cut the queue and reach you directly. Get detail insights of the chat, record of the chat history, number of call recordings, snapshots and transcripts, average chat handling time, CSAT and more

ChatBot As Human

Flow Based response, easily learn to answer queries with minimal human support. New data can be added to make it superior
Quickly transfer chats to Live agents with snapshot of the interaction to quickly jump into action.
Bot can be utilized for various application, organization and role.

Value Features

Chat monitoring Chat conferencing Sound notifications Canned responses Chat logs A multi-talented chat bot
Reports to analytics Chat transfer Instant file transfer Privacy focused Chat routing Human bot