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Dialer and IVR

Reduce agent call volume overall cost per call.

Automate all inbound & outbound transactions and processes.

Project Info

Dealer and IVR

Define Rules and be adaptive

Create rules for dialling as per region, demography or simple rules like LIFO (Last In First Out) or FIFO (First In First Out)

Predictive Dialler evolves its dialling pattern based on shift, lead list, connectivity pattern, Average Handling Time and abandon call percentage as prescribed by the industry standards.

Integration and Prediction

Import and integrate database easily with third party lead sources like website, CRM, LMS etc.
Pick from multiple dialling modes like predictive, progressive, preview or manual. Define modes for different campaigns running in parallel.

Our Benefits

Bulk re-churning Call blending Easy Interface Recording & monitoring
Call backs Skill based dialing Report generation