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Magic & Missed Call

Generates more leads than any SMS or Call campaign.

100% data security.

Project Info

Customer privacy

Complete security, the contact numbers of seller and buyer are protected and a virtual number is displayed to delivery person.
Save your employee’s money as they only need to call a virtual number.
Easy grievance management through call recording for review and training

Save business loss

Magic Call number masking saves companies from any communication or transaction that might happen off platform, saving companies from loss of business.
Buyer-seller platform are designed to ensure the transactions happen through Magic call which ensures that all communications are concealed

Cost free solution

Missed Call Service is a great marketing to generate leads, give your customer a free platform to connect, verify numbers, collect feedback, conduct votes and even run contests etc.
The missed call number can be flashed in different media (billboards, TV commercial or print material) to generate enquiry.

Value Features

Keep your user data secure Track Calls On-premise and on cloud Integration options
No cost solution Record and analyze calls Reports and analytics SMS gateway integrations