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CRMS Solutions

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Automate The Sales Process, Predict It The Best Way Possible With CRMS Solutions

Organize contact data, segment customers, and create sales reports with almost no error. Digitalize the business process and forecast the sales in the most accurate way. You can also scale your sales processes using our seamless CRMS integration.

Contact management

It is of paramount importance that the company should keep all the contacts intact and secure. The list of contacts helps an organization in developing business strategies and most importantly various marketing campaigns. Automating contact management through our solution is the best solution you can opt for.

Lead management

For sales department, nothing is as important as leads. Every lead is hard earned and that is the reason, the lead management should not see any flaw. With human managing the leads, there are chances to miss a piece information. Ask for our lead management system to grow your business potential.

Task management

An orientation of the tasks allotted to different people is important so as to keep everybody in the same boat. Task management software can be developed with the help of latest tools and technologies from Silwana Infotech. You can also customize the software according to your business flows.

Email management

While everything can be automatized, email management is no exception. Email management through software helps you organize the important mails and their responses. Also, with such a software tool in the hand, you can schedule the important tasks to be mailed as milestones.

How do we specialize in CRMS solutions?

  • Highly responsive design: gives the same look and feel to the user
  • Attractive software architect: eases the way you operate or use the software
  • Flawless performance: for the smooth running of software easing business operations
  • Soft on pockets: cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality
  • User-center approach: keeping the end-users in mind, we develop impeccable CRMS solutions