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Document Management

Project Info

Keep Your Important Documents Safer And Organized. Fetch Information Whenever And From Wherever You Want

We assure you a smooth operation and tasks meeting deadlines in your projects; it is important to have a foolproof documentation to maintain a better keeping of information. We embed the document control process into a project document control system to make sure that each project team person is adhered to the procedure beginning from document preparation to delivering topmost quality and standard output to the clients.

Employee management

Manage reference code, employee code, their data and important project allocation through automated employee management software by Silwana Infotech. You can also provide certain rights and privilege of certain CRM sections.

Detail and flow management

For any organization, it is important to streamline the flow and details of any project and employee records. With the help of Silwana’s omnipotent approach, it is possible to manage everything with ease. Contact our software experts to build customized solutions that will help you smoothen your business processes.

Scan and storage management

When you have important documents to be stored securely, you need scan and storage management that is reliable. Our customized software can help you with it. You can maintain the flow of the documents and information. The information can then be distributed securely with special privileges.

Document tracking

When stored securely, when documents are distributed with special access to particular stakeholder, it is important to track their progresses. Document tracking software developed by Silwana Infotech can truly help you with it. We make sure that the information stored and shared in documents remain intact without any alternation.

Silwana Infotech’s methodology

Silvana Infotech follows a traditional waterfall as well as an agile model to execute every product and project on the floor. We listen to our clients carefully and understand their business objectives to come up with flawless IT solutions catering to your needs and purposes. Ours is a customer-centric company where we assist you from the beginning till the end.