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Detail and Flow Management

Automate the business process and functions

Reach high levels of efficiency and productivity by automating the business processes.

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There are various techniques, procedures and methods to ensure the right flow of the data into the system. Ensuring this can create accurate and correctly-formed and analyzed results. This creates the perfect environment for any organization to succeed in their internal functions and workings. This can be established using the Workflow Management System.

What is a Workflow Management System?

A workflow management system (WMS or WFMS) is a software built to organize and streamline the regular business functions for optimum efficiency. WMS involves a form that maintains the required data to regulate and automate a task made up of sequence of instructions.

This detail and flow management software makes sure that the instructions are followed and the task is carried out correctly. The tasks in the system can be either carried out by humans or the system.

How does the Workflow Management system work?

Workflow automation software also known as WMS, offers three basic principles on which it functions:

  • Automation of repetitive processes and functions.
  • Follow up on the incomplete tasks
  • Detailed performance analysis gives you a correct picture of the status of the workflow.

Features to look for in a Workflow Management System

Also known as process management software, a workflow management system should have certain features that an organization should look at before buying one. They are as follows:

  1. Intuitive workflow interface : A perfectly built workflow management system allows you to have a linear thought process when a workflow has to be designed. Meanwhile, this system carries out the complicated task in the background.
  2. Form Design using WYSIWYG : Make sure that form designing in the business process management software you choose,is intuitive and easy to work with. The interface should be easy to use. It is best to have a drag and drop interface which lets you design the forms. Also, modification or making changes to an already designed form should not be difficult.
  3. Cloud app integration : In the era of internet and cloud systems in place, it is necessary to have software that can be easily integrated with other tools and platforms. This ensures that the workflow management software runs smoothly with other tools.
  4. KPI-based analysis : Creating a simple workflow should be your aim. But if your WMS is taking up more time in workflow automation, then you should take out a KPI report. A KPI report lets you find out the processes that take time and understand the bottlenecks.

Above given features are some of the essential features that you need to have in your business process management software, also known as WMS. Silwana Infotech ensures that their WMS is packed with features that automate the processes, thereby maximising the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

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