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Document Tracking System

Access, manage and edit the documents digitally.

Revolutionize the storage, sharing and management of the business documents.

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The electronic document tracking system integrates the documents into the organization’s business process. Also, it ensures that the documents collaborate seamlessly internally. It allows you to modify and add to workflows without disturbing the regular business activities. Additionally, it reduces all the operational costs.

With easy integration within the documents, the document search and tracking within the organization becomes effortless. Flexible document workflow makes sure that the company is ready to adopt changes in the upcoming years.

How does Document Tracking System benefit the organization?

We all face the problems of monitoring and keeping track of the important documents. But, with Silwana’sDocument Tracking System Software, the employees and managers gain total control of the organization’s documents. Let us see how this benefits the businesses:

  • Consolidated data and document management.
  • Total control of the document version.
  • Automated document verification
  • Setting up the workflow without IT resources
  • Scalable and adaptable web forms to capture the data
  • Changing the workflows, forms, and data in the real-time environments.
  • With an Outlook-fashioned user interface, you can easily add a new work environment.
  • Easy deployment on cloud or organization premises.
  • Integration with MS Outlook for communication purposes.
  • API offers seamless integration with the third party tools and systems.

Bring success to your organization by consolidating the document tracking process for contracts, bids, and other documents that require managerial approval. Also, smooth sharing of the documents between the departments across the company becomes easier.

Features to look for in Document Management System:

  1. Processing documents automatically : You can easily setup the file and document tracking and processing workflow cycles in the span of a few days without bothering about the coding. Moreover, it also lets you change the webforms in the real time environment.
  2. Easy document sharing and approval : With an online document tracking system up and running, the employees can use up their time to focus on other key functions and procedures. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency. The software lets a company access its readymade task management system, to assign the tasks to multiple users. It also enables communication and social collaboration over a task or a document.
  3. Collaborated work environment : With a single work environment and online document tracking system, the company can reach new levels of efficiency and productivity. It also provides seamless integration between MS Outlook, Sharepoint, and Active Directory which makes document management easier.
  4. Control the access to the document : You can gain control over who accesses the documents using a document management system. Also, it lets you assign the permissions for viewing, editing and sharing through a dynamic setting.

Silwana Infotech provides various versions and customizations of Document Tracking Systemto ease the workflow, tasks and other business processes within an organization.

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