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Scan and Storage Management

Going paperless has never been easy

Turn towards being paperless with our digital solution.

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So many organizations use paper-based transactions where they print out the papers, send out mails in the physical copy thereby using a lot of paper. But, turning a paper copy into a soft copy is the future. World is turning to a paperless era.

What is Scan and Storage Management and how does it work?

People are turning towards the paper-less copies, also known as digital copies to prevent the wastage of the paper. Moreover, it is easy to preserve and maintain soft copy compared to papers. This concept led to the development of a digital solution that is involved in scanning and is a document management system.

The document scanning system turns a paper-based copy into a digital copy where the text is fully-searchable. Using this digital solution, you can use all the functions and processes on the digital copy as you do with the physical copy. With the scanned document system, it becomes easy to organize, arrange and retrieve the file whenever needed.

Features of Scan and Storage Management

There are so many features that the document management system offers. Let us take a look :

  • Eliminate the storage costs for physical copy.
  • Easily store scanned documents in various locations.
  • More security layers for digital copies.
  • Easy file recovery in case of disaster.
  • Quick information and instant search
  • Conduct in-house document scan in case of sensitive information.
  • Automated procedures of routing, approval, and notifiers.
  • Manage the records of the physical file, in a digital format.
  • Eliminate the need of creating duplicate copies of the documents.

Improving business using Scanned document management

Document scanning and storage becomes easier with Silwana’sScan and Storage management solutions. The professionals can scan the incoming invoices and send them to approval towards the higher management.

The circulars can be circulated easily amongst various departments in an electronic form. With easy conversion of records into digital copies, the retrieval and report generation becomes quick and less time consuming. Following are the ways you can improvise the business processes:

  • The receipt of accounts payable can be converted into an electronic invoice for further processing and approval.
  • Easy scanning of images for reviews and approval.
  • Scanning the vital documents to create electronic copies for easy storage and retrieval.
  • HR management can manage the employee records and salary information in an electronic format.

Silwana Infotech provides bespoke digital solutions for document scanning and storage. This way your business documents can be turned into digital copies which can be managed in a better way. We offer various packages for solutions with various features.

Need to turn your business documents into digital copy? Contact us for a customized solution.