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Leave Your All Backend Office Worries On Us; Opt For Automatizing Your Office

Silvana Infotech’s revolutionized HR and Payroll operation solutions can completely digitize your business processes such as attendance, digitalized onboarding, and HR activities. Our solutions enable your staff to access any information from anywhere and at any time as they are cloud based.

Time office

Punctuality is the key to any company’s or organization’s success. If the workforce is punctual, they don’t miss the deadlines or milestones of the project. While manual track of office time for each individual from the staff is not possible, our automated time office management software helps you track it with ease.


Human Resource department is one of the most responsible departments in any office. From mid-sized to large organization, the HR department has to manage the payroll professionally. Contact Silwana Infotech for bespoke payroll solution that will enable the department to manage salaries flawlessly.


Managing interviews and keeping the resume records is of paramount importance for the HR department. This is because the company may need to contact a person from the past any time. Moreover, there could be much complex referral programs for the employees. To manage all things with ease, you can opt for our recruitment software.

Training and Development

With every new employee or old and experienced staff, training and development in the organization is given a lot of importance. This helps in sharpening the brains of the employees and hence growing the organization in a positive direction. You can make customized training and development software with the help of Silwana Infotech’s expertise.

A 360-degree Silwana solution

Silwana Infotech is a one-stop solution to all your IT concerns. We can be a trusted partner in your technology solutions. You don’t need to go from post to pillar to develop tailor-made solutions for your HR department for payroll, training, and recruitment. We deliver pocket-friendly software solutions that are scalable.