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Restaurant Management

Project Info

ERP Solution for Restaurant and Food Industry

Our all-in-one restaurant management software is one of the industry best restaurant management system, which provides live monitoring of the restaurant’s Inventory at the level of each branch, kitchen, store, and centralized admin, which helps you reduce waste, decrease costs and improve profits for each specific location and items, etc.

Salient Features

All-round Multifaceted Solution

• Multiple companies under a single database
• Multiple Branch, Outlet and Division accounts as well as Inventory
• Division wise user rights, Account, Customer and Supplier management
• Multi-Currency Sales and Purchase from foreign countries
• Central management as well as Multiple Stores and Warehouse management

Transfer and Allocation

• Inter-branch asset and liability (money and inventory) transfer and tracking
• Allocation of expenses at HO, stores and central kitchens can be transferred to branches
• All COGS impact on Central Kitchen or Stores can be distributed or allocated to Divisions
• Stock Transfer request, transfer in and transfer out to all branches, central store or Kitchen

Production and Planning

• Production planning against all S.T.R with Item wise quantity consolidated.
• Material Calculation against production planning.
• Purchase Planning as per recipe and quantity.
• Production planning based on forecasting and reordering.
• Planning staff food and other consumption impacting the COGS.

Purchase and Payment

• Centralized, decentralized, division wise or across all division purchase and payments
• Master PO get generated to multiple suppliers with branch wise dispatch details
• Master PO to Single Supplier for Multiple Branches
• PO can be made against Rate Contract
• Centralized and Decentralized Expense Bill booking

Consumption and Recipe Management

• Trip management to transfer material to branches or to kitchens
• Material consumption based on POS data transfer from Branches to the HO to consume finished items based on the recipe attached
• Recipe management – the system can work with or without Recipe
• Standard costing as per “recipe” based on the standard price of raw materials purchases in last month.
• The Purchase UOM or base UOM and recipe UOM can be different from the conversion factor

Financial Accounting System

• Multiple division accounting, chart of accounts and N-Level account grouping.
• Budgeting – annual, quarterly or monthly budget definition and actual usage comparison.
• Payment planning for better financial control.
• Multiple currencies for each transaction. Currency Gain & loss at the time of transactions.
• Payment request, multiple cash book, expense vouchers, Journal and Contra vouchers
• Credit and debit note, Bill wise Payments & Receipts etc.

Financial Reports

• Analysis reports as per age, division, cost centre, reference account and expense etc. Account Receivable, General ledger, outstanding and Party Account Report.
• Payment planning. Supplier’s category & Category wise payment planning.
• Trading accounts, Profit & Loss accounts, Cash flow and Fund flow Statements.
• Trial balance and balance sheets with schedules etc.