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Hire Microsoft Developer

Build feature rich digital solutions using various Microsoft-provided tools.

Experience the highly efficient tools to change how you address business requirements.

Microsoft provides various tools that can let you build various static and dynamic applications according to the requirements. You can build applications that offer business intelligence, enterprise data management, portals and collaboration, and more.

Dedicated Microsoft developers put a lot of effort into building an application which can serve as a solution for your business requirements. And Silwana Infotech offers hiring processes for such Microsoft developers who can help you build a relevant solution.

We provide digital solutions that are built on the fundamentals of conceptualization, innovation and understanding of technical tools. These are combined with tools, methodology and practices to build a solution that you can trust.

Tools we work with

We work with various developmental tools and resources to build business applications and offer developers who excel at working with the following tools:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • DNN
  • Umbraco

Our Working models

We offer our clients three different hiring processes through which they can hire our professionals to get their applications built.

  • Dedicated developer model : Here, you can hire a dedicated Microsoft developer who is dedicated to development of your business application.
  • Part time developer model : In this model, you can hire a part-time Microsoft developer to meet the requirements of your application development.
  • Time and material model : With this model, you can hire a Microsoft developer from our team of developers based on the requirements of time and material model.

Benefits of working with our Microsoft Developers

Our team of Microsoft developers work hard and put a lot of effort to build customized digital solutions that save your time and efficiently perform all the given tasks. You can rely upon our developers to offer you following benefits:

  • Integration of existing business processes
  • Management of outsourcing liaisons
  • Increased productivity by implementing scalable architectures
  • Integration and automation helps run the businesses efficiently.
  • Increased revenue for clients through seamless integration of more products
  • Targeting customer experience by providing feature-rich web-based solutions
  • Enables the business users to understand the process workflows and issues.
  • Elimination of complexity and levels of difficulty of isolated systems which employees use.
  • Providing customized processes without manual intervention.
  • Migration from single-user security model to a role-based security model.

Why choose Silwana Infotech?

We maintain latest development practices and industry standards to provide solutions that are customized and generally need minimal intervention to work. Our Microsoft developers offer following benefits to our clients:

  • 100% data and IP protection and safety.
  • Best team of CMS developers that work according to the industry standards and protocols.
  • Flexibility with hiring options and pricing.
  • Maintaining confidentiality at all costs
  • 24 x 7 Technical assistance and maintenance.
  • Transparent communication through the lifecycle of the project.
  • Quality solutions that reduce the employee workload.

Silwana Infotech is one of the leading Microsoft development companies and offers access to various Microsoft developers who you can hire. Developers at Silwana offer customized solutions for businesses and organizations.

Need to hire a Microsoft developer? Contact us.

Technical Skills you can choose from

  • Hire ASP .net Developer

  • Hire Azure Developer

  • Hire Biztalk Developer

  • Hire MS SQL Developer

  • Hire Sharepoint Developer

  • Hire Microsoft Dynamics Developer

  • Hire DNN Developer

  • Hire Umraco Developer