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UI/UX Developer

Improve the user experience with an accurately designed application.

Design and develop an application with intuitive UI/UX to bring more users to use the application.

What is UI/UX Development?

UI stands for User Interface and UX defines User Experience. It is essential to develop applications that have interactive, user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX. Combining UI and UX brings about an application that a user would love to use on a daily basis.

But let us break it down to understand it in a better way.

UX Development

UX development defines building an application for the user where the way a user experience is important. The UX development aims to satisfy the user by offering an improved user experience.

Various UI/UX developers focus on building such applications where the user’s actions are pre-defined.

UI Development

Various UI/UX developers improve the user interface of the application to make it more interactive and easy to use for the user. The focus is on the appearance of the application and the way the user interacts with the application. UI essentially defines the visual elements and their arrangement to provide a seamless user interface.

Importance of UI/UX development in any application

The basic principle on which the concept of UI/UX development is based, defines the ease of use of any application. This concept makes the UI/UX developers emphasize on building applications that users love.

And as the users love to use it, more users would tend to use it. This brings a lot of business to the company who has built such an app, improves the sales and the business grows.

Moreover, such an application offers a very short journey for the user towards his goal. If a user makes a purchase and checks out in, for instance, 4 steps, then the user is more likely to come back because the payment gateway is easy to use.

In addition to this, a great UI/UX design makes sure that the application’s brand is recognized slowly yet steadily.

Important components of a great UI/UX design

Hire a dedicated UI/UX developer to make sure your UI/UX design has following key components:

  • Information architecture: This defines the information flow in the structure of the application.
  • Interaction Designing: It manages how the user engages with the application.
  • Usability: It defines ease of use.
  • Wireframing:Wireframing is defined as the skeleton of the application.
  • Visual Design: The visual elements of the application, for instance the design of buttons or menus, are defined here.

Silwana Infotech offers a team of dedicated UI/UX developers to build interactive and intuitive applications that wins the users in one shot. Also, you can hire UI/UX developers in Dubai, who work remotely for Silwana Infotech.

Hiring UI/UX developers

At Silwana Infotech, you can hire UI/UX developers based on the following hiring models:

  • Dedicated UI/UX Developer: Here, the UI/UX developer offers 160 hours per one month. You can hire the developer for the period of one month.
  • Part-time UI/UX Developer: A part-time UI/UX developer can work for your application for 80 hours per month. The developer can work on the UI/UX design of your application for one month.
  • Time and Material model: Here, the UI/UX developer works for 40 hours per month but the pay is hourly.

Our Work Process

We follow the following steps to develop a great UI/UX design for your application.

Requirement gathering
Selection of the working model
Determining the best resources and tools to use
Signing off the contract
Begin the project.

You can hire UI/UX developers at Silwana Infotech and experience their expertise in the domain. They offer some of the best UI/UX designs and development.

Hire our UI/UX developers to have an application that defines your brand’s reach and visibility.

Technical Skills you can choose from

  • Hire Adobe XD Developer

  • Hire Figma Developer

  • Hire Sketch Developer

  • Hire Invision Studio Developer

  • Hire Mockplus Developer

  • Hire Zeplin Developer

  • Hire Photoshop Developer