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QA & Testing

Focuses on improving the processes.

Deliver Quality and Stable Products.


Our product engineering services are based on the latest technology, market research, feature analysis, business objective and ROI strategy etc. We take care of the entire product life cycle from the Idea, innovation, design, deployment and user acceptance.

The customer-centric software products are driven by the agile methodology of product development wherein product functionality met the user experience and objective. Our strategy makes the product future scalable, interoperable and protected from a security breach.

Quality Analysis and Testing Services

AI and ML allow a machine to automatically learn from past data without programming explicitly, provide intelligent insights by learning patterns from data and then can proceed autonomously on new and changing data

Interface Testing

Our experts verify that communication between two different software systems is done correctly.

Unit Testing

We test individual units of source code, functions or modules in accordance with data, usage and operating procedures to determine if they are fit for use.

System Testing

We perform black-box testing to evaluate the system’s compliance against specified requirements. An end-to-end functional and Non-Functional testing.

Integration Testing

The Individual functions and modules are tested as an integrated group to evaluate system compliance against specified requirements before validation testing.

Regression Testing

The new addition of software shouldn’t affect the existing system. We do re-execution of already executed test cases to ensure the existing functionalities work fine.

Smoke Testing

We do a non-exhaustive set of tests to ensure important functions working well and build is stable enough for further testing. This we do for build/module verification.

Beta/Acceptance Testing

To evaluate the system’s compliance with the business requirements. We involve real users and environment whose feedback is needed for final acceptability.

Automated Testing

The execution and verification of test are automated by Programming script or automation tool, makes it error-free.