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IT Maintenance

Reducing downtime and repair cost.

Enhancing life expectancy of IT resources


The management of hardware and software maintenance is very tedious and the most important job to keep organization performing its business task seamlessly and effectivity. Each time your asset grows, your entire IT infrastructure increases making it hard for you to track properly. Any small mistake can lead to a lot of damage.

We provide world-class support and maintenance service to the start-up and enterprise client so that they can drive their business peacefully and cost-effectively. Our design business model as per customer’s specific needs and environment.

We provide Preventive, Predictive, Routine, Emergency and Condition-based maintenance services.

Consultancy Services, Network Design, ISP service offerings, Security audit, IT staffing, IT infrastructure setup, training and

Support Services: Monitoring, maintenance and up gradation of the critical IT environment, Equipment, Applications and hardware system.

  • Our SLAs gives grantee of lower cost and less equipment downtime.Our client’s get access to a large team of experts who can tackle any worst situation very efficientlyWorkplace safety, quality assurance and compliance determines long term success of the company

SILWANA INFOTECH has 20+ years of experience that make it highly professional in its every approach and practices,

We follow standard practices, procedures and rules to deliver a specific service. Through our project management system, the reporting and monitoring system becomes very easy