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Increasing Efficiency and Performance.

Keep record of all the past activities and transactions.


Imagine a scenario wherein, your website is down or you lose a huge amount of business data? For a business, this can lead to financial losses, loss of reputation and loss of customers. You can’t afford that, can you?

Storage as a service reduces much of the cost associated with traditional backup methods, providing ample storage space in the cloud.

Ensuring business continuity and data protection. It’s ITnet helps delivers a set of solutions including
Disaster Recovery
Data Backup
Storage Area Networks (SANs) and
Network Attached Storage (NAS)

SILWANA INFOTECH data solutions are configured to support both physical and virtual environment and avert a data disaster.

We deploy easy to use NAS and SAN systems that help store data and which businesses can easily access through an IP networking environment. If you are a business who wants to reduce costs associated with data storage and recovery, then our NAS systems are a good pick. If you are an enterprise business with a greater need for critical data storage and recovery, it’s ITnet expertise in SAN system will be extremely useful. 

We partner with some of the premier data storage solutions providers to deliver only the most advanced and high-performance solutions for clients.

We understand your need to back-up your ever-increasing and highly sensitive volumes of data and offer solutions that are innovative and reliable.