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Blockchain Application

Discover Public, Private and Hybrid blockchain.

Solutions fit to your specific business needs.


We at SILWANA INFOTECH, developing blockchain applications for large volumes of business and financial data that need proof and record of the transaction in a shared ledger that to be accessed by everyone.

SILWANA INFOTECH has been enabling mid to large scale organization to realize numerous benefits of blockchain technology to perform various business functions

Our BlockChain consultant starts with the project discovery and feasibility phase for the desired, secured, and decentralized business Solutions.

Our Expertise

Custom made business application based on best blockchain technology

Describe your own business protocol to be executed and verify automatically

creates an immutable record of transactions for enhance security and trust between stakeholders

Discover and draft your project feasibility for marketing and investment

Let the ownership information of the investment product, be recorded on a blockchain

Build Customized walled for single or multiple digital currency or secured tokens

Invest in the future and Develop your own digital currency to be used in the close ecosystem or open market

Store, send and receive digital assets with the help of blockchain trust and security

Distributed ledger technology that could be integrated into your business and make it trustworthy

Case Studies Of Blockchain

Stop Voting Fraud

It is almost impossible to hack a blockchain-enabled voting system. Cast your vote from home with Trust, Transparency will increase voter turnout

Fundraising By STO

Enables companies to sell tokenized financial instruments such as debt and equity. Reduces the cost of the investment process by removing the need of third party brokers and custody accounts

Supply Chain Management

Verify the authenticity of purchased goods. Tag product with Unique product ID onto an immutable, transparent, and secure blockchain smart contract for authenticity and tracking information

Judiciary and Document verification

Use Blockchain in notarization to ensure proof-of-existence since the time it was created and modifications can also be detected. Any changes in document content will make aware of alteration.

Real Estate

Revolutionize property payments by letting stakeholders, tenants, owners, and service providers interact with the transaction history through blockchain enable smart contract

Intellectual Property IP

Provide a timestamp to origin of an idea to solve all IP disputes and IP infringement