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Microsoft technology

An age-old company that still holds most of the market share in the world, Microsoft has been one of the most popular and trusted technologies that is powering more than 80% of desktops across the world. Whether a start-up or an enterprise at larger scale, we can provide you with the best Microsoft technologies.

Java technology

Java is an apple of eye of everyone. Most of the popular websites and applications use Java as their main platform because it offers awesome cross platform functionalities and portable solutions. It runs across desktops, mobile phones, and even tablets. Contact us for all sort of Java solutions.

Blockchain technology

The recent boom in the blockchain technology is due to its most secure approach in keeping any size data. With multiple servers, blockchain is one such technology big companies rely on. It brings transparency and ensuring quality data storage.

Call center

Reduce the overheads and increase the profit by availing our marvellous call center solutions. Whether to schedule an automated call or to keep call logs securely, opting for call center solutions is the best bet for you. Enhance your customers’ experience by deploying bespoke solutions of all sorts of calling centers.

PHP Opensource

Open source is loved and liked by hundreds of thousands of webmasters and busines owners. The enormous community support for the open source technology like PHP can help solve problems in jiffy. It is easy to deploy, maintain, and use. This is the reason many companies opt for going for PHP opensource technology. Hire Silwana Infotech php developers to flourish your business.

Mobile application

Silwana Infotech is capable to tackle small to largest size of mobile application development projects. We house native and hybrid mobile app developers of Android and iPhone or iOS. You can develop UI/UX and other mobile app related stuff. Contact us for simple to complex mobile app.

Emerging technology

Our business and technology experts are all eyes and ears when it comes to the contemporary technology and latest trend in the market. Contact us for mind blowing latest technology solutions for your personal and professional use. We indulge in the trending technologies such as AI, ML, and AR.

SAP solutions

Specially crafted for large enterprises such as multi-national companies, SAP solutions from Silwana Infotech are the most sought after solutions in the industry. We have served dozens of clients with SAP installation and deployment. Contact our SAP experts who are not just certified but also experienced.

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  • Pocket-friendly latest solutions
  • Impeccable quality assurance
  • All-in-one solutions from deployment to marketing
  • Trusted name in the industry